Your Name Your Story

Dani’s Story


This name is one that is unique and meaningful to its owner, and I can tell she has a strong sense of identity.

My mother wanted to name me Dani. She liked the spunk that it had–a boy’s name as a girl’s. My father, however, wanted to call me Dani but name me Danielle. This way, I would have the option to go by a more “professional” name as I grew up.
No one called me Danielle. When teachers called out Danielle on the first day of school I’d cringe, then quickly correct them. It wasn’t because I didn’t like the name Danielle – I did – it just wasn’t me. Like my mother, I liked to think that the name Dani was unique. It fit me.

Both of my parents agreed to legally change my name. We’d talked about it for a while, but it was finalized in court on the last day of school in seventh grade.

I personally believe our names are important. Of course, they’re not the be-all and end-all, but they are usually one of the first things a person finds out about you. I believe you should feel comfortable with your name. You should say it with pride: I know I do.

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